Wow ~ God showed me how to take control

19 Nov

There are so many scenarios in the scripture that we can take away from when a person loses it.  I love God ‘s wisdom when He makes us desperate for him.  All I knew is that I was not at a good place when I realize it was Him who put me there.  I’m not sure, or I don’t think on the onset I was thinking that I was desperate for his intervention or words couldn’t explained as it seemed I was angry and then relive going over this in mind.  Until my mind was told by God to stop here is the solution.  God took me there so I could submit to him and thank God. Folks I got desperate to hate that feeling of letting people bring me to place where God doesn’t want me to go.   I can testify after that desperation joy began to fill my heart. I refused to let that unwanted feeling take control of my thoughts of hate.  God made me desperate for Him.  I began to pray for the person knowing that it wasn’t their own actions but it was my prayer to pray  Ephesians 6:12 For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.  (New Living Translation)  One of my favorite preachers of all times John Piper (Desiring God website  shared an article by one of the co-founders)  by Jon Bloom in which he said “And it’s the lack of a sense of desperation for God that is so deadly. If we don’t feel desperate for God, we don’t tend to cry out to him. Love for this present world sets in subtly, like a spiritual leprosy, damaging spiritual nerve endings so that we don’t feel the erosion and decay happening until it’s too late”  Just as I received this revelation my sister-in law telephone me singing and rejoicing that she received a good report from the Dr. that they no longer see any trace of the cancer that was previously shown on the x-ray.  I call to pray for her two nights ago as I was compel to call her and anyone that knows me when I hear God I do. I fast and prayed for two days. We thank God rejoicing and shouting of the goodness of the LORD and we began testifying of God ‘s grace and mercy.  I felt blessed that God used that moment while we were in prayer to remind us that prayer works.  Thank you Holy Spirit for bringing us together and now showing us both our ministry.  I love you Jesus and Thank you!


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