I just learned about E. Stanley Jones

06 Dec

God  is so good I thank Him for His begotten and only Son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth and most importantly The Holy Spirit.  I have been blessed that God communicates with little ole filthy me.  If I can tell you those who don’t believe you can go directly to the Father by way of Jesus the Christ.  You must have a relationship with Him foremost.  Anyway, I can go in about this but that is not why I am writing this post.  This journey began when the Holy Spirit directed me after searching for a while to Living Prayer Center where there was spiritual test of prophecy and my answer result came back that I was prophet.  It scare me a little bit even while taking the test and the multi choice that I answered was exactly what I would do and say. So I left it alone and let God work on me. To my amazement the test I tried to  forget the Holy Spirit took me back to website without me looking and  I took the test again. It seemed like the questions had change and I said to myself good maybe the first results was a mistake. My result came back the same.    I took the test again within a couple of months this time searching for the website because I couldn’t remember the website and I had a crazy urge to locate this website searching through my bookmarks searching through my history and I couldn’t find it.  Sure enough after I came back from church I search again and there was the website.  So  I took it again I still thought that maybe the second test result was pure coincidence.  All I could do is laugh at my self because God was telling me the test was not a mistake and the result came back again I am Prophet.   Now what do I do…..Why am I identifying with this man of God…..It seemed I should have heard about this great man of God.  Note to self; continue searching and learning and sharing.



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