Yes, I played hooky from church

16 Jan

A funny thing happen to me one day; the Lord told me to rest in him on a Sunday that I normally would go to church so I did; Hallelujah!  That weekend was such a blessing after having a stressful week; Yes, I said stressful.  You can say what you want but my human side was beat up from work deadlines,  early and late shifts.  Just the ordinary hustle and bustle of New York City. The bus and train traffic was off most of the week.  But Thanks be onto God my spirit side was connected to Jesus.  As always, the Holy Spirit directed me to a few of my TV preachers on TBN beginning with Tony Evans preaching on Elijah.  If you know me when I get a good Word I can’t get enough I will get the resource so I can share and add to my library.  Lord, when Jesus takes me home I pray that my family will listen and play it forward.  Lord, I may even put it in my will before they get their inheritance; hummn maybe a thought what you say. LOL. No; the Holy Spirit just told me that I should start some sort of network so it can be  shared and discussed NOW.  Ok Lord; I will ponder on this thought that you help and direct me.  So as I listened after hearing Tony Evans on his teaching it’s blow my mind because it touches the core of my being or rather my soul connects to his teaching.  In other words, it convicts me into all truth.  I admire this man of God who is all about his wife, children,  family and the people who he ministers at this church.  I truly love his teaching among others of my TV preachers.  So, I never waste my time but I get a recharge just the same and that’s a blessing all by itself.  I just love these moments when it’s just me and Jesus.   If  it takes for me to rest alone with him on Sunday; so be it.  But please know this; I still love the fellowship among the saints.  Amen!


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