Oh No ~ Don’t Replace God

06 Feb

Grace and Peace be unto you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ!

It is truly an honor and a privilege to come before you for my first online bible study.  I literally cried to God this evening as I said “Come on God”  as I cried out and then I had to repent as I said  Father I meant Lord I need you to help me on this journey that you have set out for me to do reaching the lost on this social platform. I believe He laughed at me in a good way as He does and here I am.  I took a walk with my dog; believe it or not his name is Bandit from a show that I looked it when I was child.  This period of my life was special as it reminds me to this day when my siblings (1 sister and 3 brothers) would sit at this one TV and enjoy watching the show called Johnny Quest.  It was a popular show back then and you can still find it I believe on some of the networks that I’m sure is showing these reruns.

Let us Pray:  Father in the name of Jesus I come to you right now at this hour asking for your Holy Ghost Power to take control of my thoughts anoint these hands as they type on the keyboard that I not miss interrupt or compromise what you have given me to share to every reader that happens to come across searching  on this forum for something that they may be yearning for;but they do not know.  I pray Father that the not knowing (folks) will find you as only you know how to get our attention and that same not knowing person will be encourage to seek you God Almighty and most of all that you get the glory as we go into study.  Dear Lord open our eyes that we may see open our ears that we may hear your voice in Jesus Name.  Amen

The below link showed that there were 100 bible versus on idolatry  which I would like for you to visit and investigate what the word says about idolatry.

Everyone in way or the other practices this sin knowingly and I believe unknowingly.  To set the stage let’s go back to the book of Genesis although we can find this type of sin from the first book to the last book of the bible; Actually, I think the Holy Spirit purposely knew the bible would in some way be out of order as we see it. (Here is a good resource I found that will help you in your spiritual search of God)

Genesis – Revelation; just so that you in I can digest it’s contents to discover and discuss just how sin enter, how sin fell on holy men who knew God more so, I believe than any of us.  It I can just say from every book of the bible since I’m studying in the book of Genesis (My God look how the Holy Spirit showed up for me at this study as I am in the study of Genesis with Chuck Missler) Father I thank you for your presence.  If I can give a subtitle: It would be (A)  what are your personal characteristics of an Idolater?  For me I have a Constance reminder when I’m in that place thinking of one of the greatest movies every told “The Ten Commandments” while Moses was upon the mountain after he brought them out of Egypt.  Moses always done what was natural for him to do and that was to speak with God face to face.  As Moses was spending time with God, the people grew uneasy.  It’s amazing how the people seen all these miracles that had taken place in them coming out of Egypt how sin enters when we are not careful.  It’s also amazing how Jesus was also preaching on how we should get to know Him in our own personal lives.  Just as the people felt insecure without their leader Moses they turned to his brother Aaron and begged him to make them a god so that they might not be alone.  I remembered feeling bad for Aaron for being persuaded.   I believe that Aaron was at such a venerable moment or maybe felt at that moment that he was finally getting respected as a leader and he somehow use that opportunity as he also had some weariness about his brother and in fact he was at an old age along with Moses during all of this journey and it had to be much on the mind to take in what had happen.   Maybe he finally got a hold of his purpose but instead of him ceasing this opportunity to commune with the people to comfort them by preaching to them I pray I would have said if I was in shoes~ Don’t  ya’ll remember what just happen when we were Egypt?  The ten plagues, the night of pass over, the parting of the seas.  Mind you God seen what was happening down at the foot of the mountain when all of this was happening. (making a golden calf as a god; this is idolatry)   My question is when God told Moses that he will destroy the people and make a great nation of Him alone. What conversation was actually taken place? (I guess this will be one of my questions to him when Moses and the rest of the prophets meets us)  As Moses pleaded with God not to destroy the Israelite? God heard him and granted him his wish.  As Moses descended the mountain and he looked angrily upon his people as they were dancing and singing before the golden calf and in his anger he hurled the stone tables from his hands, and they broke at the foot of the mountain.  He took the calf and burned it.  As the stoned was burned he took it and ground it into a power, sprinkled it in water, and made the people drink.  The children of Israel mourned in shame after they drank? (I guess this was Moses intention as he made this power) someone help me on this.  Again, Moses had to climbed back to the mountain to ask for forgiveness for his people.  Can you believe another 40 days and 40 nights, (Do you know who else spent time in the wilderness 40 days and 40 nights?  (Jesus) Isn’t this something (just a side note)  Thank God that He did grant permission for the people to go forward with the plan to Canaan with the two new stones of the commandments.  What’s amazing is that it took another 40 years in the wilderness (actually they took 40 years going in circles because the trip was actually a short) some bible scholars say the trip was actually 11 days for the people to reached Canaan and how God showed Moses the land but God wouldn’t have Moses to enter the land.  God had another plan for Moses to be with him.  So Moses died after accomplishing what he had set out do with the plan that God had for him so many years before.  I believe when God told Moses that he wasn’t going into the land of Canaan that he was happy because he knew that he was really going to a home like no other.

How can we know that we know that we know that we have only rest in Him and not nothing or anything in this world should take us away from that.  Lay down those idolatry mannerism that will block what God has for each and everyone of his children.

Until we meet again.

Hold on to God ‘s unchanging hands!


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