Evanglize right where you are

11 Feb

Matthews Chapter 11:1 And it came to pass , when Jesus had made an end of commanding his twelve disciples, he departed thence to teach and to preach in their cities.

I get so excited when my friend the Holy Ghost shows me things especially when I have read it several times or no times and I get new revelation or simply a revelation that I know that there was a conversation in the heavens just for me.  I remember hearing a preacher explain it this way.  Jesus and the Holy Spirit on our behalf talks about us in our every day life of what we do and say.  How we conduct ourselves I guess the best description for our understanding would be the “big brother” effect in essence that we are being spiritually watched and recorded.  Thank you Jesus for being our advocate and the thank you Holy Ghost for being out Helper.

Another way to look at it would be just like when you clock out of hard days work Jesus and he Holy Spirit review notes on us.  I would like to think that they compare how to handle our situation, sitting in comfortable area in heaven comparing notes on how to fix what needs to be fixed in our life; and what we need before we lay our heads down at night.  They discuss our needs preparing themselves to go before the Father. Once they get together I wonder; do they review notes and put it  as a draft then as a final cut pleading our case to the Father.

I like to think that Father is in awe and loves that they present our case to Him and He loves to grant on behalf of Jesus and the Holy Ghost loves to see Jesus at work as Jesus is his mentor. (humm I never seen it that way) but that’s interesting.

My prayer is for all those who proclaim Jesus as their Savior that they hear the Word of the Lord that we are all commissioned to preach the word.  For me I believe it’s right where I am.  I’m going to change right in my area, on my block to preach the love of Jesus. I think it’s time that we get ready to plant seeds right where we are.  There are so many blessed men and women who are missionaries going  throughout the world and God Bless them.  They should always be in our prayers.



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