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14 Feb

I believe for each person there is a bible story that has been whispering in our ears but we didn’t quite know it then… I believe that the Holy Spirit holds this truth from us until we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior and we really get serious about this Jesus. Someone may ask well everyone knows Jesus; but there is a difference.  I said that I believe that there is a bible book made specifically for the believer who accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  Excuse me, I don’t want to be misunderstood;  please don’t feel that little old me  is trying to step on toes; this is definitely not my intentions as I’m just one crying out in the wilderness among others who is sharing the Gospel of Jesus.

I find it very interesting, how God who is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient.  The God that Was and The God that Is.  The God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.  The same God of yesterday (past) , The God of today (present) and the The God forevermore (future). God created us for his purpose and I believe there is a book that He specifically wanted us to connect with for our own understanding. To God be the Glory; once we decided or better yet once we remembered that he called us before we were born. If we were to look at the creation of us through Adam.  The bible reads that when Adam was created he walked and talked with God.  Can you imagine walking in Eden and having a conversation with God daily. In my business field I set up meetings for my leader for his staff called one on one meetings usually, weekly, monthly or quarterly.  I don’t believe I read anywhere that God didn’t speak with Adam daily until he did surgery on him to create Eve removing one of his ribs.  In any case, I want to believe that our God our Father spoke to Adam daily.  Come along with me on this thought.  The garden of Eden has been described as a one of kind garden.  It would have had to be.  I search google and found that the most beautiful garden in the world is located in several parts of the world.  There have been writers who tried to describe the garden of Eden to their best ability.  But as I am being led in my writing that the Garden has been accepted in the unlearned of God to think that the maybe a natural state and this is the problem with most of us that we continue to look at things in the natural  (i.e. google search on garden; noting to do with the garden of Eden of the bible) when we should be looking  for answers in the spiritual. How dare we (I)  think that we can understand the written word in our natural state.  When the Word clearly teaches that God is spirit {John 4:24 King James Version (KJV) 24 God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth}.

Here is excerpt below written by Des Walter; that I found that would bless you as it has bless me. I promise you this was in my thoughts as I pray over my computer for the Holy Spirit to direct me. I pray that God will bless him as he continues to preach the Gospel.

When MAN was created God prepared an environment for him, called the Garden of Eden. The word “Eden” speaks of an area of delight and was situated towards the SUN RISE, from which the Light would come, as the trees need the sun light for growth and development. This Garden is not LITERAL but is spiritual and is found in every man, and is a place which separates him from the world environment, and allows him access to God’s world in which everything he needs is supplied. This Garden is also a protection from disease and sickness and everything that would cause pain and death. This Garden possessed divine properties, providing all the food that the man would need to live forever, as well as providing an environment where God and Man could walk together in fellowship and love. It was isolated from the rest of the earth, and no one could intrude unless Adam allowed them to enter. All the trees were planted by God so that they provided the food and vitality to allow those who lived therein to LIVE FOREVER. The symbol of the food in the Garden is expressed by the tree in the center of the garden, called THE TREE OF LIFE. This tree represents Christ, and God told Adam that he could eat the fruit of all the trees in the garden, as they were good for food to sustain life. However there is another tree that God warned Adam about, and that was the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, which strangely enough was also in the middle of the Garden! Of this tree God told Adam, “do not eat of the fruit of that tree for the day you eat, YOU WILL DIE.”

The fruit of all the trees in the Garden of Eden represent our thoughts, and God said we can eat from all the trees, because those trees represent the planting of the Lord. In creation God put a seed in the fruit of every tree so that it would reproduce after its kind. So the fruit of all the trees planted by the Lord would reproduce thoughts that were in the heart and mind of God.  But if a man eats the fruit of a tree not planted by the Lord it would develop thoughts that are foreign to God and this would cause problems.  It is true for all of us that our mind is like a radio that can be tuned into certain frequencies according to what we want to hear. But so many do not have their hearts centered on Christ, but on the things of this world, so they adjust their mind accordingly. The world is full of entertainment and knowledge, most of which will not sustain spiritual life. So we can choose what thoughts we allow to enter our mind to produce the outcome we desire. Those that come from above will tend to lift us up and bring stability into our lives and bring forth a manifestation of Christ. But those thoughts that do not have a heavenly origin will have a tendency to pull us down to the lower dimensions of life, away from God, who has placed his wisdom in those trees that he has planted in our Garden, for our blessing. However, there was another tree in that Garden in the same place as the Tree of Life, that God said not to eat the fruit of it, for it will bring D-E-A-T-H. Could it be that THE MAN in the Garden was overtaken by lust and strong desire that seemingly could not be fulfilled by any of the other trees? Using the man’s creator mind that he received from God, man was able to produce his own tree, and this tree could cater for all the desires of the human heart, both good and evil. However in doing so he had established for himself a God of his imagination being both good and evil. Man now had a choice.  He had created his own tree and that tree produced (evil) thoughts that would lead to actions contrary to God’s will and purpose. But MAN in his own wisdom decided his thoughts and actions were good.

It is most interesting to notice that death was introduced into the human race by a THOUGHT PROCESS, and not by a disease, sickness or poison that would affect the physical body. “As a man thinks in his heart that is what he is.” Take hold of this truth because here is an important Key.




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