Book 1: Yes, In the beginning

01 Mar

I’m finding out that there is so much more in the book of Genesis that it has giving me a another perspective on just how Great my God is.  I just love it as I’m Mary at this point of my journey.  I just want to sit at his feet listening and absorbing what my mind can handle.  Don’t want to rush just want to sit and listen.  I think at one point in my life (or many instances I had my Martha moments.  I can definitely identify with her sister Martha who ran around being a hostess to Jesus.   At this point., I’m grateful and want the Holy Spirit to just keep on showing me things that I can’t help but share.  It’s almost like an adrenaline that I pray doesn’t cease.  If I can say since I have been doing an in dept study in book of Genesis; (My you I’m still in the first chapter)  please don’t think I’m giving the attack of the enemy any promotional points as he is doing what he can to discourage me into thinking that I must stop what God has set out for me to do.  Of course, To God be the Glory;  I  immediately reflect on God ‘s Word to fight where the enemy wants to take me out of the realm of the Kingdom of God. .  I have to always  remember that when things are going right; the enemy is right around the corner to plant doubts and lies, trying to test my faith, tempting with sexual immorality,   disunity with christian family and friends; the enemy to slander your reputation, take you down with your pride; fear, He fights against your faith, and most of all He will try to sidetrack you with worldly things. Dear Friends, I’m a witness that yes, it hurts and yes, it feels that sometimes you do want to hang in towel but I can say without a shadow of a doubt that you can be rest assured that the word of God will bring you out of any situation.  I haven’ even touch the surface in reading the book of Genesis.  I will share what I find in the hopes that you will do your own investigation as well as your comments or your understanding of what God is telling you.  God word is tailored made just for you; so to you my friend be encourage;

Ask, Seek, Knock

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.

As  I mentioned previously on my blog the book of Genesis came alive to me again with teaching of Pastor Chuck (made me want to look at the book of Genesis with another approach.  I hope you understand that I love when (new) revelation comes to me when it comes to scripture especially, when you read scripture on what you believe in your own understanding sort of and here comes someone who shows you another understanding that brings it to you clearly that may have been a thought / or question that came to surface while you were reading and you forgot or maybe after hearing the person reveal to you something that you never discussed with anyone else except you and the Holy Ghost.

This is when I want to run and jump with Joy; because for me this is the Holy Spirit revealing himself.  The Holy Spirit brings to you such a hunger that all you want is more and more of it  and then find that you have to share it. This is where I’m at anyway) Thank God for Pastor Chuck is all I’m saying.    There are some more studies by Pastor Chuck that I hope I will be able to visit.  My prayer is that God will continue to use and strengthen him as he continues to teach and share what God has given him to do. May the Lord richly bless him and his family. Amen









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