How to respond to Oppostion

12 Aug

In bible study last week there was a discussion on the behavior of Jesus when He went into the temple.  First as he approach the steps he prepared three cords ready for the whipping of the merchants who had used the temple for selling of their goods instead of coming to worship God Almighty.  The question was raised did Jesus express violence by hitting the men or if he hit anyone.  One said that when he tossed the table maybe merchandise may have hit someone.  One said that the rope did hit those that were in the way. One said that this verse contradicts the teaching of Jesus which exuberant non violence.

The Holy Spirit revealed to me that first three cords was mentioned; for all of those that maybe going through something in their lives please note that when you see the number three I pray that you know you have God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit working on your behalf.

Secondly, always refer to the bible before you take in what men say,  If Jesus say it you better believe it ! period.







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