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The Text : The Call to Follow

The text/IM that was sent to Abe read “Get out of the country that you live in and move away from your family and get out of your Father ‘s house and move to a new land which I will show you. The twist to this scenario is that the text/IM came directly from God.

As Abe ponder on this message as if something that he couldn’t grasp if this message was a spam or whether je thought for some unexplained feeling that he knew exactly who sent the message.  In his mind he seen the message text back to him say “And I will make you a great nation, and I will bless you and make your name great; And you shall be a blessing. As Abe stood in awe; the text continued; It read “And I will bless them that bless you, and curse him that curse you; and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

As Abe inhale all that was shown to him; He knew that there was nothing for him to do but to adhere to what was told to him so he packed up and went.   His nephew loved his uncle and knew something special had happen to Abe for him to pack what he had so he decided to  leave so he followed Abe.  Although Abe was 75 years old when he listen to this call taking his wife with him and his nephew and all of their belongings he didn’t call homeland security or try to figure out the first text or text shown in his mind he just did it.  As he moved from land to land not knowing when to stop until he received another text “Unto your seed I will give you this land; and there you shall build an alter unto me who I will appeared unto you”. As Abe move solely unto to the mountain and pitched his tent having the place he left behind and the new land he built an altar as a remembrance of what he believe to be the voice of God. In fact, it was as Abe personally communicated.  This wasn’t the last stop and he continued on.

There are two factors in this story which actually comes from Genesis 12:1

(1) Faith is refined by being tested (2) Living by faith in God does work!

The beauty of this verse is that it occupies a prominent place in the history of the Hebrew people.  His place is so prominent that it is somewhere impossible to understand and appreciated the Hebrew people as the people of God, without giving some attention to Abraham.  The greatest contribution that Abraham made to the Old and New Testaments (even to this present day) was his example of bold, courageous, faith in God.  From a contemporary perspective, when the issue of faith is addressed in preaching and teaching, Abraham and his example of faith are often mentioned.

It’s amazing as I read this scripture and learned that in order for God to fulfill His will in Abraham life, He had to call him away from such spiritually destructive environments.  I believe for many of us it may not be that drastic as Abraham was the Father of faith in other words no one can has much faith as he did. In saying that, I thank God that sometimes we have to experience Abraham moment or season.  When God pulls us to where he wants us to be or to go where he wants us to go. There should be resounding response”Lord, Here am I ~ I’ll go, I’ll do it”

It’s important as we journey that we study God call to Abraham, and Abraham ‘s RESPONSE of faith.  If we keep in mind that obeying God’s will is seldom, if ever, easy or convenient: but it is always REWARDING and fulfilling.

True Trust will be Tried (Genesis 11:27-32) Abraham believe in family and family values which met that he had security in this environment in other words he was familiar with his place of residence  and he understood and appreciate his dept of faith.  God knew this about Abraham and of course as He does he has to test him when he called upon him to leave his familiar environment or comfort zone of the place he grew up in knowing who what and where to get resources for survival.  So it becomes the same for us there will be times that our trust in God will be tried.  Will you continue to trust Him when things go wrong or will we only trust him when things are going right?  How solid is our trust in God when we are challenged to do something different than what we are accustomed to because the change is more in keeping with what pleases God?

Obeying God ‘s Call Carries Built-in Rewards (Genesis 12:1-3)  The Lord told Abraham; Leave your country, your people and your father ‘s household and go to the land I will show you” (Genesis 12:1, NIV).  Should Abraham obey this command? He would have to sacrifice his safety net.  God’s challenge to Abraham could be described as”instruction with no itinerary.” a mandate without a map.  What I love about God and I would like to share because I have experience this is that don’t think that this approach taken by God is by no means out of character on how God acts. (we have to stop thinking that God is like us) Oftentimes, God will call on us to obey Him at the expense of surrendering the thing  (s) that we rely on the most. (leaving God out in everyday function) God does this so that we will be compelled to wholly lean on Him, so that when He gives us the victory, we will be obliged to give Him the glory!

Lord, teach us to obey Your will, and to more diligently study Your Word that we may know what Your will is.  In Jesus’ name, we pray Amen!












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This one is for you ~ Yeah You

There is a shift taking place in the world that if we are not careful we will miss what is surely to come.(ask me how)  Whether you are a believer or you are not sure what you believe rest assure that we live and we will die.  Everyone knows that.  The question is what are you doing with your life at this moment at this particular time.  Have you answered the age old question W’s Who, What and Where am I.  I have been blessed to be guided by the Holy Spirit which builds my faith and my ministry. Although it was spoken in my hearing so long ago that it is finally coming to what God has set up for my Life.  So here I am begging at the feet of Jesus for you.  I believe that things happen to us are not my accidents in the sense that whether things are good or not so good happening in your life. God purpose and will for us would be fulfilled.  Please don’t be like so many who have pass on not fulfilling what God purpose for there life.  There was a study sometime ago of how many graves were full with supposed to be Apostles, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor  & Teachers.  Every time you look at your hand remember this and find out which is your gift.  This is good (see picture below)  It ‘s amazing that God can use whoever he wants for him to get the glory.  Some say why should He get the Glory…. I don’t believe God is mad at you for thinking that way because there ‘s a wealth of knowledge about him that folks have not tap into and therefore one may  think (or should I say many) this way.  I find it’s my duty Ladies & Gentlemen to tell you that there is probably a missing link in your life and that is Jesus the Christ.

15 Lessons on the Ministry Gifts of God

And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers.” (Ephesians 4:11)

You fit into one of these categories once you become a believer; Will you accept him? Confess and Repent so you can walk into you destiny.  Just say, Dear God, I am sinner, forgive me and I ‘m sorry for all that I did what was not of you.  I accept Jesus as Lord and believe that He is the Son of God.  Jesus, will you come into my mind, soul and Spirit that I may have eternal life.  Thank you for listening as I pray in Jesus Name.

There is a scripture Psalms 8:34 ESV -Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!


I wanted to give you some insight of what this means to be and then how a scholar of so long ago put it which I think interwoven in my thoughts.

As human beings we know that food and water is essential to our living.  If you can think of your best palate of food you ever tasted; can I tell you that there is something so much better.  In the culinary world I read an article of the 50 best dishes in the world.  If your food is listed as one of the main dishes when I think of this verse there is something even better than that 10k better than or better yet I can’t put a number on it.   Just as you identify the best meal look into the Word of God so you will boldly say “I have tasted and see” and He is Good~

Thomas Binney’s “Sermons,” 1869. V

Verse 8. Taste and see. There are some things, especially in the depths of the religious life, which can only be understood by being experienced, and which even then are incapable of being adequately embodied in words. O taste and see that the Lord is good. The enjoyment must come before the illumination; or rather the enjoyment is the illumination. There are things that must be loved before we can know them to be worthy of our love; things to be believed before we can understand them to be worthy of belief. And even after this — after we are conscious of a distinct apprehension of some spiritual truth, we can only, perhaps, answer, if required to explain it, in the words of the philosopher to who the question was put, “What is God?” “I know, if I am not asked.” Thomas Binney’s “Sermons,” 1869.(amazing how this is so prevalent even today )

God’s Hand of Ministry

“Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God… “ (1 Pet. 5:6)

When Christ ascended, He took His whole ministry mantle, divided it, and gave it in five parts to men and women. All five are needed to perfect, mature and equip the saints “till we all come to the unity of the faith and the knowledge of the Son of God, to a perfect man, to the measure of… the fullness of Christ” (Eph. 4:13). The function of these gifts, also sometimes called equipping or ascension gifts, and how they fit together can better be understood through the analogy of how a physical hand functions.

Stay tuned for Bible Study coming soon.


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